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Organisation and Storage Ideas for Craft Rooms – Part 2

Back for Part 2 of my Organisation and Storage idea post.  The last one (find it here if you missed it) focussed on ribbons, dies and smaller bits and bobs.  This post is about The Bigger Picture – the furniture. My Craft space is a mix of custom and make-do bits and pieces.  It has […]

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Organisation and Storage Ideas for Craft Rooms Part 1

The dream room. We see them all the time, beautiful, spacious, packed with accessible storage and organisation solutions, beautifully colour-co-ordinated, heaps of uncluttered bench space, gorgeous lighting.  Everything we could wish for in a dream crafting space. We put them on our pinterest albums and gaze in wonderment with questions like… a) how long the […]

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Quick Tip – DIY Shimmer Sprays

Quick Tip – DIY Shimmer Sprays I find shimmer sprays so versatile.  You can add a bit of shine, or a bit of grunge, depending on the colour and degree of sparkle. There are a huge variety of commercial options out there, but did you know you can create your own custom sprays using various […]

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sizzix machine range with dies

Tutorial : Die Cutting and Embossing 101

Die Cutting and Embossing Tutorial 101: Dies come in several types, and getting the most from your tools and equipment can be a tricky task. In this post, I describe the various types of die and embossing tool and give you some tips I have gleaned through many years of crafting. Thick foam ejection type […]

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