Wink of Stella Brush Marker – Glitter Clear


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Wink of Stella Brush Marker – Glitter Clear

Zig Memory System Wink Of Stella Brush Tip Glitter Marker – Glitter Clear –

With a 0.8mm tip these markers are great for adding sparkle to your projects.

Water-based pigment ink

photo safe, acid-free, lightfast odorless and xylene-free.

Ideal for adding just a light shimmer to your projects, with great control.


Between the lid and the base of the pen, there is a black plastic spacer ring to prevent leakage of the ink during shipping.  When you first receive your pen, unscrew the lid and remove this spacer, there is no need to keep it, unless you travel with your gear and it might get squashed.

The pen will need to be primed FOR THE FIRST USE (and you shouldn’t need to do it after this) – on the side of the base barrel, there are embossed words “PUSH” – squeeze here gently a few times and then wait (patiently…) for the ink to flow down to the brush tip. It will take a minute or so, and you can test to see how it is progressing by stroking on a dark piece of cardstock until you see the ink appear.  Do not, DO NOT! squeeze too hard, or too much, or there will be tears, and probably some blobs of silver, glittery ink on your project

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